Global Terms & Conditions

The Service: MAGPLUS!

MAGPLUS consists of an entertainment service recommended for people of 18 years of age and that allows access, through a smartphone, tablet or computer, to the magazines uploaded by the Provider under the conditions detailed in these Terms and Conditions.

In this sense, all those users who so wish may request their registration in the service. PREMIUM subscription to MAGPLUS Users may access paid online reading of the magazines made available by THE PROVIDER, these publications being possible modifications of incorporation or cancellation of titles periodically and at the sole discretion of THE PROVIDER, likewise the cost of the Premium Subscription specified on the platform may be modified at the sole discretion of THE PROVIDER

By canceling the PREMIUM Subscription the User will not have the right to continue using the PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION service and will be automatically removed from the subscription.

When canceling the PREMIUM Subscription, the USER must register again.

Users will be able to access the magazines they wish to read through their mobile phones, tablets or computers, by entering the website or application indicated above.

The use of the Service will be subject to the acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. All those particular conditions, notices or operating instructions that are made known to the User through the Provider's website, in relation to the Service and the magazines, will also be applicable. Users may communicate by email to in order to make inquiries, claims or suggestions.

Scope of service

The magazines will be available for reading from the moment of subscription.

The magazines can be read online from any compatible terminal.

All Users who subscribe to the Service and carry out the necessary authentication steps, declare and guarantee that they have taken note of and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Terms of use. Intellectual property

Users undertake to make lawful use of the Service and the magazines they access as a result of the Subscription, in accordance with current applicable law and these Terms and Conditions. It is up to the Users to respect the aforementioned regulations, placing special emphasis on intellectual and industrial property rights, and refrain from using the Service and/or the magazines accessed by virtue of the Service, for illicit purposes or in such a way that they violate or violate rights third parties or the Provider.

The Provider is the licensed owner of the magazines, and/or has received a use license from the respective owners of said magazines. The magazines, and in general everything that makes up the Subscription is protected by copyright within the framework of current regulations, and in the case of magazines, they can be used by Users only to the extent permitted. by these Terms and Conditions and the applicable legislation.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all magazines that Users download devices may not be transferred, copied or transmitted to any other device. Likewise, the User may not give the magazines any destination other than the one foreseen. The magazines may not be copied or reproduced in any way, either totally or partially, for any purpose, without the express written authorization of the Provider.


The Provider may not be held responsible for any damage or loss caused or that could be caused to Users or third parties, in their persons or property, by the content of the publications and will not be responsible in case of dissatisfaction with the magazines included in the Service. .

The Provider is not responsible for those Subscriptions that do not contain the requested data or that contain erroneous data. Nor will it be responsible for requests or shipments that are not accepted by the Provider's technological platform or for delays that may occur in the activation of magazines, text messages or any other shipment related to the Subscription, for any reason not attributable to the Provider, including but not limited to failures in network connectivity, errors in the composition of text messages, excess or saturation of network traffic, and/or any characteristics that prevent the transmission of said shipments or requests.

The Provider reserves the right to make any type of modification to the mechanics of the Subscription without prior notice, with the sole requirement of communicating any relevant change on the website and other means.

Service provided by Media Digital, Calle de Hortaleza 98 Piso 4to - I, Madrid (28004), Spain.